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Road Noise In Yaris


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Bought the wife a brand new 1.3 Colour Collection in black. Very nice looking car indeed. However she has complained that the road noise is excessive at motorway speeds, now, she had a Punto before so thats saying something. Road rumble does seem a bit on the unacceptable side and I note that a lot of car reviews mention this as a negative.

It has Goodyear GT2's fitted and before she ups and trades the car in for a Honda Jazz I'd be interested if their is a proven solution....to the noise issue :rolleyes: .... that anyone knows of. Or can the dealer help?

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Different tyres give different levels of road noise.. if the tyres are getting low.. try a different brand, Bridgestones?

Considering that even though the car has only done 470 miles as the dealer is a decent sort and would probably agree to a switch. Even if he didn't a new set of boots is not the end of the world. The wife understands that she will get "used" to the road noise as she drives the car more and she doesn't have the radio on that much...unfortunatly.

I have just asked the dealer if he knows of any after market car deading installers and he is coming back to me with a couple of names. Bit of a notchy gearchange as well I noticed when driving it last night. Service Manager thinks that is a slight adjustment issue. Having said all of that it is a superb looking and nippy driving car. Love the digital dash and the way everything is , well, just solid fitting. Its a shame but the wife does love the car so I guess rather than lose money and trade in we should persevere and try the various fixes suggested.

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Its a shame she doesn't like it just because of the road noise, as apart from that the Yaris is the best small car i've driven.

Generally, as said by cfc, tyres do make a difference to road noise as i find a fair bit of difference between my dunlop ones (quite noisy) and others i've been in. If this fails to make much difference in your opinion then you could always use dynamat or other sound deadening material to cover the panels of the car.

And as for the notchy gearbox, that should get better once its worn in properly. If it doesnt then get the dealer to sort it out under warranty.

I'm fairly sure you'll both love it once you oversee these minor problems.

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Thats the worst case of ear wax I've ever seen. Interesting solution to get a bad ear infection in order to not hear road noise. I'll suggest it.

We think the car is just brilliant and yes, its also the best small car I've driven as well. The noise is more of a disappointment I guess. Dealer was very responsive and will be looking at the car on Friday for the gears and I agree that it will improve in tme anyway. He's also going to get a quote for extra sound mats as suggested as well. Shouldn't cost much and it will help I know.

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