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Carina E Immobiliser


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I have a 95 N Toyota Carina e. When I got back from holiday the Battery was flat and has armed the immobiliser. I do not have any fobs only the ignition key. I've looked at the other posts with similar topics and the tips haven't worked so I was hoping somebody can tell me a way of disarming it.

The guy the AA sent out wasn't too helpful, he said that it could go into a garage to have the immobiliser removed. Does anybody know the procedure to do this? So if I have to have it taken in they can't baffle me and charge me a fortune for what could be a small job.

I would be very grateful for any hints tips or information.



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I assume that you've tried the following?

Put key in ignition -> Turn key to illuminate dashboured lights -> turn key in opposite direction -> repeats last two steps.

This will turn off the siren when the alarm has been inadvertantly activated.

I would have thought that this would 'reset' the alarm system as well in your case??

Good luck

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