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Avensi Brakes


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I have a 51 avensis and the rear pads are ready for changing. Having bought the pads I took wheel off to check they looked right ones. But this is first car I have had where hand-brake applies the same pads/piston (ie not seperate drum for hand-brake). Is it still a case of pushing piston back or is there a certain method to follow and do I need a special tool. Thanks for any help

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Hi, yes you need a special piston wind back tool for the rear pads, I got one from a local trade place for £12.50, some places sell them cheap online as well as far as I remember. If you dont mind scraping chunks of flesh off your knuckles you can use a pair of long nose pliers, bit of a hassle though. Also some local garage might lend you one for a small deposit, worth trying I reckon.

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