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A Few Mods Wit Pics


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Car has been lowered:


Stubby aerial can be seen in above quite nicely!



New Alloys:




Blue roof light:


All air vents now with LEDs:


Also got the yaris tax disc holder and 3rd brake light cover but every1 has seen those!

Also installed a Cobra Thatcham 1 alarm. Very good! And its nice to have remote central locking now!

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Wheels are from potn.com for £450. But come with toyo proxes T1-S' and 16 locking wheel nuts (4 for each wheel). Bargain really! And they do look nicer in real life :D But u really shld lower the car wen putting 16"s on for them 2 look good to their true potential!

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Basically took the rubber off the brake and clutch pedals. There are holes already drilled in them. But the spacing was wrong so had 2 drill another hole so that the pedals could be secured by the two screws. If i took pedals off and put rubber pedals back over the top then it looks the same as before.

The accelerator pedal is plastic and clipped on2 a bit of metal I believe. I just drilled two holes and screwed on2 these with self tappers. I believe you can just get a new bit of plastic from toyota or from a breakers to make this pedal look the same as before.

It is a easy job and should take about 15-20mins.

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