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Bought My Yaris in June and it has no cd player, and I'm seriously missing my cds now. Went to Halfords who said they couldn't do anything for me! :crybaby: and I should go to Toyota.

So I did, they wanted to charge me £350 to fit a bog standard Toyota CD player! Talk about rip off. :eek:

So can anyone help, where can I buy one and get it fitted as well?

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halfrods are talking crap as usual, u can get practically any cd unit and it will fit the yaris, u just need the wiring loom adaptor to connect up the stock plugs to back of aftermarket headunit!!

fitment is easy aswell, Halfords will usualy do it for u, i dont suppose there is another one close by?, if not theres a step by step user guide on this forum which tells u how to do it, any novice can easy follow it without any issues

click here and have a look at the headunit instilation posts


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p.s welcome to toc, forgot to mentoin :D

as for buying ive often found www.cel-direct.com to be pretty fair priced but loads of places stock them, and give fitting it a go urself, its seriously very easy and if u get stuck plenty of us on here to offer advice

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My other half works for halfrauds unfortunately and he fits alot of cd players into yarii! As ive said before, some halfrauds do know a bit about cars, others dont!

Welcome to TOC! :)

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