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Mr2 Mkii Active Sound System


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Hey people

Ive got a 1990 MKII MR2 that has an active Speakers system, (1 x sub behind passenger seat) this is a stock system on this car.

Ive hit a slight problem and its got me miffed.

The electric antenna on the car is broken so ive replaced it for a normal beesting type. Since removing the electric antenna the head unit will not power up, but the amplifiers that power the stock sub come on when the ignition is turned on, and then BANG loudly when power is removed, so the amps are working just no head unit.

Where the electric antenna was, is a relay device which i have since connected back up, thinking it will solve the problem but it doesnt.

Im at a loose end now as i have no tunes in my car, but ive got a loud bang when i flick the power on and off, and ive also got a high pitched whine through the Speakers witch seems to alter in tone when i increase speed on the gas :wacko::unsure::blink:

please anybody help before i loose all will to live and drive


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