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Servicing My St185 Gt4


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Gonna do a basic service, including spark plugs, dizzy cap, plug leads, etc.

Where's the best place to get some slightly uprated leads, for a reasonable amount of money? Already got the one step cooler NKG plugs, how'd I fit them?! Is the intercooler easy to take off to get at the plugs? And where can I get a dizzy for the JDM model, is it the same as the British one? Cheers. :)

PS, what else is worth doing in the service?

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Normal service parts from MrT JDM and UK parts are the same as far as dizzy cap etc are concerned. I got magnecor 8mm leads from Motorsportworld when they were on offer. You might be as well shopping around for them.

The intercooler is held on by two bolts and the hose clips. Take the cover off (3screws) and then theres a bolt either side of the intercooler. They can have a tendency to seize so give them a squirt of penetrating Oil first. :thumbsup:

While your at it, When you take the plug leads off, Check in the plug holes for Oil. The rocker cover gaskets don`t last for ever and have a tendency to leak. And it`s always worth checking the gearbox and diff Oil levels. Might be worth changing the oil, especially if you don`t know when it was last done. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

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