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SOLD -Estima Lucida G 2.4 4wd Petrol


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Ok peeps, i know this isnt going to really be of interest to most people on here but i want to sell it :lol:

Its a 92 Estima Lucida in Metallic Blue. Its the top of the range car which means Drivers Airbag, 4 wheel ABS, Automatic Box, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors (fold too), Fridge, TV, Electric Curtains, Power Steering, Alloy Wheels, 360 degree Captains seats, Self Closing Rear Door, Parking Sensors Etc

It also has the uber rare 4WD system (99% of Estimas are RWD) and on top of that it has the rare 2.4 petrol engine. only done 56000miles and has been serviced!

Most Estimas have the 2.2 Turbo Diesel engine which is to be blunt a bit crap. They are also notorious for headgasket failure, mk3 supra has nothing on that engine ;)

This 2.4 petrol is sound as a pound, doesnt suffer the same problems as the diesel. Returns around the same mpg anyway and has over 130bhp.

These Estima Lucidas are VERY rare with this engine, the 4wd and the toys.

Autotrader has only about 3 nation wide last time i looked, so not many around ;)

Is going into the Auto Trader for £4995 (just waiting on V5 before i advertise it properly) but any TOC Gold Member can get a good hefty discount off that ;)

P/X Is possible

For pictures/details click here.

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