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I have always been reluctant to use Fensport due to the number of slaggings they get on the forums - Not answering phones or replying to emails...

So I took the plunge as I couldn't find the shocks I wanted anywhere else that could deliver on time.

To contradict every single post I had read about the company, Fensport replied to every single one of my emails within an hour of me sending them out and when I put a misprint on my order form, the legendary Adrian himself phoned me up to confirm the details.

I received my shocks the next day with no hassle at all.

Not to mention savings from Gold Membership

Fensport - Top blokes! Top service! Thanks guys :thumbsup: B) :D

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ive been u sing them for about a year and no probs with them wheat soever. maybe take a bit of timr to get thru but always helpful, items alwasy arrive next day etc, they mada ea mistake once, i ordered a trd Oil filter got sent a standard one, calle dthem up got to keep standard filter trd one in my hand by 10 th enext morning

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To make things even better I had to phone them up for technical advice as the front shock I bought off an IMOC member didn't fit correctly - it turns out they were for the rear (so exactly the same as what I just ordered from Fennies)...

Fensport once again were fantastic and have agreed to swap the rears I bought for fronts B)

Oh... and they answered the phone after only a couple of rings :thumbsup:

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Ive dealt with them a few times, their delivery is fuggin quick but sometimes i get the impression when i call that their far too busy to deal with me and my queries, when i bought my TRD quickshift it was advertised as being supplied with a leather TRD gearnob (sold on their site for £53.20) but when it turns up 16hrs later (they do deliver fast) it came without it, so i place a call to them the response was "TRD dont do a 6 speed gearnob" so i asked "why is it advertised on the website with one" answer "it must be a mistake" then i asked why they they were selling ones without a 53 quid gearnob for the same price as the ones with (£175.67) answer "because we can"

Now i think thats a crappy way to speak to and treat a customer I wasnt calling to complain just to ask why i hadnt received it and in fact im not that fussed about the gearnob its just their shoddy attitude to customer service that gets my back up.

But all that aside i will use them again but only because their just about the only place to get stuff for my corolla (and i think they know that)

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