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'95 M 2.0 V6 Fto

Karma Supra

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Fresh import '95 M 2.0 V6 FTO.

Usual features include:

Semi auto gearbox (tiptronic -like paddle shift, but without the paddles)

Aircon/Digital climate control

alloys, spoiler, fogs

Electric folding mirrors

Power steering

etc etc

The car will be sold road ready with a years Tax and a years MOT.................

Being a fresh Jap import it has not had the salty road and rust inducing weather treatment, The milage is comparatively low as they actually have a decent public transport system, and their roads are far smoother on ours, resulting in less suspension wear.

The milage was guaranteed on purchase at 123000 km (about 70k miles)







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Right this car is for sale again, It was taken off sale as My mother needed it as her merc died, and I needed it as my supra died.... but not its time to go!!!

Reduced too!!!!!, with another 6 months tax!

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