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Yaris Verso

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Check out this piece on Mirror.co.uk....


92% of Verso owners would recommend their car to a friend - it came top in a poll to find the UK's most popular car!

lol I like that they're talking about the Yaris Verso but they stick a photo of the Yaris up! Talk about professional journalism... well it is the Mirror! :lol:

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Yeah, saw this in the paper, was going to mention it but I forgot

In all honesty, the Verso was never designed to win any awards for looks, it was all about practicality & from what I hear they've got down to a fine art. The Corolla came 3rd in the best medium car too. Good to see Mr T getting some more recognition

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The Verso's not ugly - its challenging ;)

Seriously though, the Verso is one of those cars that if you like it you love it and if you dislike it you hate it.

Personally, I took one for a test drive to have a shot of the D-4D engine and liked it. Almost all the benefits of the Yaris with even more space.



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My Mum gets the Which Magazine sent every month (or whatever it is sent out in) and it has all these Toyota's listed in the Which? Car 2005/2006 Magazine which came with this month's:

Most Liked Category in the Supermini Section: Yaris Verso

Most Secure in Luxury Car: Lexus LS430

Best Buy Supermini: Yaris (2nd after the Honda Jazz)

Information written next to picture: The Yaris is a winning combination of quality styling and Toyota's commitment to reliability. It's a brilliantly designed car that's hard to beat: a Best Buy for the fifth year in a row, even in the face of stiff new competition.

A glance at it's main competitors shows why. Popular superminis like the Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa simply can't match the all-round appeal - from the thoughtful control positions to the pleasant steering and high level of comfort. It even has one over on our other Best Buys - the quiet diesel model offers a smoother ride than either the Yaris Verso or the Jazz.

Two things to check before you buy are boot space, which is miserly, and rear visibility when parking. If you think eitherwill (thats how it's typed in the mag) bother you, try comparing those two factors on the Honda Jazz or the Ford Fusion.

The Yaris Verso is the 3rd Best Buy Supermini and don't buys are Fiat Punto, Citroen Saxo & Peugeot 106

Best Buy Medium Cars: Toyota Corolla (which is 3rd after Honda Civic & Mazda 3)

Best Buy Large Cars: Lexus IS200/IS300 is 2nd after Honda Accord but in the "Worth Considering" Section is the Toyota Avensis

Worth Considering MPV's: Toyota Previa (which is 1st in the worth considering as there arent any which meet the best buy criteria)

Worth Considering Sports/Coupes: Toyota Celica which is 3rd in the list as it says there are no test results to be best buys in this years survey for this category.

Also in the Summary Section for the Toyota Yaris it pretty much says the same thing , there aren't any troublespots listed either and in the evaluation the Yaris gets:

Running Costs:

Overall Average

Depreciation Low

Fuel Low


Theft of Car: 6/10 (I thought it would've been higher)

Theft From Car: 3/10

Tested: 1.0 GLS 3-dr


Overall Fair

Crash Test 4/5

There we go


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