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18" Fitment

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Apart from oli, has anybody else fitted 18" alloys to their paseo?

I know it'll mess the handling up, but its an already pretty sluggish car so a little bit more so doesnt really bother me.

Ive got 17" alloys already but need a good refurbishment, which would cost around the £160 mark, so thought "why dont i have a change" as i can a set of 18" alloys with tyres for £500.

Im sure itll probably scrape a little but I should be able to adjust the height on my car to get around this, its just the width that cud be a little problem, on my 17's ive got 205mm wide tyres and the 18's would have 215mm, it does scrape at the rear a little on the side of the tyres when im on a very bumpy road so i guess the 18's will be worse.......

SO....... you know that little sill thats runs around on the inside on the arch, this is where its scraping, do you think I could take an angle grinder to it and just cut it back a little bit? Or would this make the wheel arch too weak?

Anychance any1 cud post a pic of oli's car on here so i cud have a look at his rear wheels tucking behind his arches.

Many Thanks Everyone.


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They have been kerbed but i can get them refurbed for you, they are 4x100 and 4x114 pcd, with 215zr35 18" Falken tyres on them with less than 7000miles on em and have a very good tread pattern

have a look here:

for sale

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My opinion :

Need more info before I can suggest what road you should go down.

What application are you going to intend the car for ?.

I'll put it another way :

We only go to maximum of 16x7" rim on starlet/paseo/cynos for road use.

17" for show cars.

For racing on the track we run lightweight 15"x6.5" or 15x7" rims. This is because we want the car to be as close to the ground and as light as possible which is the opposite result you get to a car on larger rims.

Never fitted 18". You'll create extra leverage and stress on the suspension and steering components often by going too large on a road car.


P. ;)

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When i saw Oli's car there is near enough no arch rim left!! I think half the problem is that he has the hydro suspension but i put an 18inch wheel and tyre against my car yesterday for laughs as i wanted to see if it looked any good and there would be a lot of trimmin needed because of your car being lowered Rich!!

I dont have any pics of the arches of his car mate but i can tell you that 17's like we have no prob, 18's trimming needed, 19's i'll tell you when i get mine!!!lol!!!


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