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Gt4 Power Loss


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I've got a problem with my 1990 import GT4.

I got the car really cheap cos the clutch was slipping badly, but now I've got the clutch fixed (£380 - OUCH!).

It pulls like a train up to around 3-3500rpm, then the power just fades out, like it's dropping a pot or you're lifting off the throttle. It's not a misfire, it just feels like it's losing boost, but the guage doesn't drop, it reads a good 11-12psi right through to the red in 3rd and 4th.

Some days are better than others, sometimes it'll pull past 4000, other times it fade out before 3000.

It'll only pull 120 odd flat out, and it's really doin my head in!

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas before I get mugged by the Toyota dealer.



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