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Few Bits For Sale.

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As the title says, Ive got a few bits for sale.

**Nippon tuning front bumper to fit paseo**

**Paseo Si Rear Spoiler**

**5e-fe Intake Manifold**

**Motorola E1000 locked to the 3 network**

**LG U8120 locked to the 3 network**

**Front Grill To Fit mk4 Escort**

**Technics Passive Subwoofer For Any Home Stereo**

**Brand New for PS2 F! 2004**

**Brand New for PS2 This Is Football 2004**

**Brand New for PS2 Socom2 Us Navy Seals**

**Brand New for PS2 Athens 2004**

**Formula1 2001 for PS2**

**Toca Race Driver for PS2**

**Tokyo Extreme Racer for PS2**

**Faulty 1000watt 4channel boss amp**

**Temporarely Faulty Kenwood cd/mp3 player (model z828mp)**

Unless otherwise stated All Items are used but in "AS NEW CONDITION"


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Selling the bumper because it sits too low.

Theres alot of speed bumps round my town, plus having my car lowered 80mm doesnt really help matters. Still in great condition tho.

So im keeping with my standard front bumper with the booster valance, and modify that so itll look better.

Just out of curiosity how much you think itd cost for a respray on the car in the same colour?


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How much for the Si Spoiler?? got a mate looking for one..

£10, just needs a few holes filling before spraying, and unfortunately 1 of the bolts has broken off, but all still holds nice and tight.

& whats wrong with the Kenwood Z838??

It works fine, its just the display quite often goes stupid.

i was asking a few body shops the same question, your probably looking at around 700+ quid for a respray.

Im thinking about smoothing out that line that goes all the way round the car ;)


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