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OK, I need a new headunit as the last one wasn't earthed properly was geting old and has died...

Local Audio place will do me a JVC KD-SHX851 [LINK HERE] and two Kenwood 150W Speakers for £430....

Anyone know how good/bad the Headunit it is and is it worth it as from what I can see it's a stonking deal....

Advice welcomed from those with any experience, when it comes to Head Units I know nothing....

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Forgive me asking, but you got a JVC H/U and some Speakers for £430???

What was the price of it seperately, just out of interest?

I have to say, the H/U looks different, but what made you pick this one out of what the shop had to sell?

Was it a new model?

Was it an end of line model?

Was there something that you loved about it, that made it different from the rest you saw?

Sorry for all the question, but i personally, don't like it. :(

It has a lot of features, that could be useful, but i think most of them are pointless.

I mean, there is an SD slot for SD playback, what the hell is that for?? The player can play all formats of CD, why would you need and SD card as well, i could see it's use for pics, but even then, you need some sort of unit capable of performing this task, but i think it's pointless, sorry. :wacko:

Useful point, it has a 5V line output, something that would be useful for a decent set up. :thumbsup:

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that h/u is a complete waste of money. you'd be MUCH better off getting a separate dvd player h/u + monitor if you're looking for multimedia, and a no-brains straight-out mp3 player if you're into music. although i'm loaded with oldskool kenwood excelon if you're shopping for new things i'd go with alpine. same goes for Speakers, unless you're buying PSR class kenwood excelon components.

bare in mind, 430 pounds is a LOT of money, that's more than 600 euros, you should be getting an almost complete sound system for that kind of money, not just a fancy head unit and a pair of "150w" Speakers! (and when i mean complete system, i mean good h/u + 4 Speakers + small amp + subwoofer + cables).

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This is one bargain i found on my travels across the web.

I think it's a good package to start with from what it says, and with a name i wouldn't turn down myself :lol::thumbsup:

Incase you look too far down, it's the first deal you see at the top of the page :thumbsup:


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It has all the basics of a decent set up, so if you need to upgrade later, you know that theres not much to do to change what you already have.

I mean, it capable to reading almost most all CD formats, as well as MP3 and it's iPod ready as well, you try and find me a set up that has all this, for less than what this shop is selling at :yes:

It's also has comp Speakers as well, full range Speakers with a sub in a box, and all the cabling needed, so you could easily be spending alot more there as well :yes:

This is being cost effective at it's best, rather than wasting loads of money later on.


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Just a quick question, with the alpine offer thats posted here, would you think that you'd have to uprate the Battery at all? Say to a performance ICE Battery of some sorts, since it's alot of ( lovely ) stuff to be runnin off my poor old Battery!!

:rolleyes: Just tryin to get a rough overall price in my head for everything i'd end up payin if i was to get a system of similar power

cheers :D

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!Removed! 'ell...what are you planning to run off your Battery, a 5Kw system!!! :lol:

Sorry :thumbsup:

For most systems, your Battery should be ok for a decent size system (eg H/U, 2-3amps) it just depends on how big a set up your sticking in, like the Alpine set up, your Battery should be fine.

Ok science part for the battery.

For a car install, there are three parts you need to remember.

Volts: This is what the car produces, like 240V come out of the mains plug, the car produces 12V when off, if the car is running then it could be 14.4V or higher

Watts: This is how much power is needed to make the unit work safely

Ampere: This is like the safety part, to stop the unit from going BANG!!

Depending on what your trying to work out, like, how many watts, or is the amp/fuse big enough, this is the sums

Amp (10A) X Volts (12V) = Watts (120watts)

Watts (120watts) / Volts (12V) = Amp (10A)


Ok, look at the link, and you see a battery.

This battery will produce a staggering 9600A!!!!

This will in turn show a value of this...

9600A X 12V = 115200Watts or 115kW (1000Watts = 1kW)

With me so far.... :thumbsup:

From what i can work out on the Toyota website, the Corolla engine produces anything from 66kW to 141kW, but as your alternator won't be producing that much power all the time you have to work out the average, which can be a lot lower, so your battery will be a lot lower, i'm guess somewhere in the region of 375A (375A x 12V = 4500Watts)

The next part of this problem is consumption rate from your battery, this i can't work out, but from you read so far, it gives you a bit of idea of just what your battery can handle.

Toyota Spec

Hope this helps, and gives you a better understanding of what the battery does....


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Cheers Man-bing, unfortunately im very familiar with the equations shown ( a poor Engineering student ) , was just wondering how the system affects the car in a real world type situation as iv never had a "big" install before especially not in my 10 yr old 'rolla ( embarrassingly our tractor has a better sound system than my car!! ) . Very interested in opinions on items like dynamat, and how much would be recommended to use in the car ( if any at all ) would you notice a significant decrease in road noise if the system was not on for example.

Sorry if im hijacking the previous content of this thread :thumbsup:

Cheers for the previous reply

Happy and Safe motoring everybody

Sham :D

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Share and share alike, were all here for the same thing...ADVICE :thumbsup:

In the real world, you can put a big-ish install into the car, without having to change too much within it, such as Battery :lol:

Unless your planning for a silly size install, like 10amps, loads of other devices, multiple screens, etc, the Battery should be ok, thats of course, your Battery is ok in the first place :lol:

From that Alpine package you seen, it should handle that with minimal fuss.

As for stuffing Dynamat into your car, i'm all for advising to put some in, where is everywhere, how much is what you can afford not cheap stuff.

I have to say, although it makes a little difference, that little difference makes alot.

Even my nephew asked if my sub could be heard outside of my car, i said, from where i didn't stick dynamat onto, thats where you could really hear it, and that was on the boot door espically my number plate :lol: , the rest of the car hardly made a rattle even when the sub was at full output.

It does make a difference, but you have to put it where it matters most...and that is everywhere :lol:

If you lived closer, i let you have a listen... :lol::thumbsup:

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