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4efe Ecu


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hi all, most of u wont no me as im normally in the starlet forum.

my question to you guys is my starlet has a 4efe engine, i recently started having problems with the ecu, so went to a scrapper and got a 4efe ecu, it turns out to have different part numbers to my starlet ecu.

basically i'd like to know what car the ecu is from, i know this enigne was available in the rolla, and i as far as im aware the rolla 4efe had more power than the starlet 4efe, mine has 75bhp, (what bhp was the rolla 4efe?) and if anyone knows if there are likely to be any wiring differences between the the rolla and starlet? as i have tried the ecu in the car and it starts, but then dies instantly, it sounds like a fueling problem.





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There definantley was immobiliser differences, and size differences. The corolla 4efe first came full size, with no imobiliser, then they hlved the sized and put the imobiliser on it.

Also i think the first one was less powerful engine, i thought 89bhpo, then the next version was more powerful. Also then there was another version with no distributor in the engine which would have had a different ecu.

hope this helps a bit.


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