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Hi all , this will be my first post in this forum so I do hope its in the right place. I own a Corolla D4D 2.0 and have been intrigued by the vegetable Oil conversion . Has anybody done this to their toyota ?? . I was quoted £1600 for the conversion to be fitted any comments would be welcome. :)

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1600quid for the conversion?

all it is, is used vegetable Oil mixed with the right amount of methanol

and all due respect for cheap motoring but its seriously against the law to use or market such thing...

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Hi and welcome! Did you see my post elsewhere?

Rob, its not illegal to use WVO in vehicles, but you do have to keep very tight tabs on the amount you use and declare it to Customs & Excise. I believe the duty is somewhere in the region of 27p/litre. Naturally, when dealing with the excise about fuel (which is a huge moneymaker for them) your auditing in going to have to be anally accurate.

Since I originally read your post (okay folks, it was on www.moneysavingexpert.com - I'm the original tight Scot ;) ) I've done a bit of research. Rather than using vegetable Oil you may be better (and easier) trying to find a local retailer of biodiesel. This should run fine in your car with no adjustments and there should be a saving to be made. I found a list on the energy Saving Trust website. If you Click here I've linked it through to the appropriate page. Sadly for me I can't find any info sellers in Inverness.

Hang about... I've just found this link for people that will deliver biodiesel to you... Clicky! It works out about 92p/litre but (if you read it) it becomes cheaper with the second delivery.

If you can't find anyone to nearby then you might be as well making your own. I've found this forum which seems populated by people who know all about these sorts of things (personally, I think they have beards :lol: ).

The reason I'm harping on about biodiesel rather than wvo is that the biodiesel requires NO work to your car and should not invalidate your Toyota warranty.

I hope that this is some sort of help and please let us (me) know how you get on...

Cheers :thumbsup:


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