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Avensis Verso Auto Mpg

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Looking to join the seemingly hapy band of Avensis Verso owners. Is 25-26 urban mpg really achievable in dense London traffic. What are people actually getting? My present Renault Grand Espace gets 14 to 15 mpg urban according to its computer. Lamentable!

Thanks for help!


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I spent about 3 months working out the fuel consumption of my 04 Avensis Verso Auto and it returned between 25 and 31 MPG.

The driving is suburban traffic rather than dense London traffic and was done with a light right foot. If you boot it, the consumption does increase sharply.

I took it to France, just after I got it, 6 up with luggage, and doing 80 – 90 on the motorways and it did 26 MPg. Drop that speed to 70, and that shoots up past 30 MPG.

Hope that helps.

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My Ave Verso (petrol, manual) "smokes" about 22-23 mpg, but is very new yet - only 2000km. Mostly (70-80%) city-drives. I'm going to install the LPG system it will cut off costs about at 50%


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i got the avensis verso 6 weeks ago, doing short drive`s, on cold engine such as school run, ect. i get 14 mpg, thats not bad. Expect 18 mpg for warmer days and 20 + on longer drives

Good luck

14mpg sounds a bit low.

I have an avensis verso auto. I do a lot of short drives in London and seem to get 19mpg, which i thought was bad.

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