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Attn Tubby Owners. Plate Type Lsd For Sale


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hi there.

currently having a clearout and i have up for grabs a plate type LSD unit . im looking at around £150 for it but you will need it fitting as this is the diff only. if your reasonably handy you could fit it yourself.

the diff itself is in very good condition. all teath intact and no signs of wear and the speedo drive gear is also in good condition (ive been told that these can break)

so anyone interested?

if i get no interest ill put it on ebay but thought id offer it here first

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diff will fit a rev 1 rob and the speedo drive ring will be the same for cable and electronic one. is it this ring or the actuat drive that fastens to the box with a 12mm bolt, you know the bit the cable/ wiring plug fits to that has broken on your mates?.

not sure what diff type is std as i have got a viscous (SP?) type in the rolla ATM. i may have one of these for sale soon but havent stripped the box so not sure of condition as yet

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right ho ill have words

im not quite sure whats broke, i just know it is and no one will sell him one without the rest of the g'box and toyota want about 150quid!

ad hes got an open-diff so killing two birds

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yup. TBH if hes fairly handy with the spanners and has a fair tool setup (gear pullers, torx bits etc) then he should be able to fit it himself.

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