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Lost The Juice :(


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Hi everyone,

ive been away from the seen for a while and recently got back into the yaris.

I installed a aftermarket cd player ages ago probably like everyone here which was easy enough.

But above it was the original tape deck which i left in.

I decided in a moment of genuis (or madness, not sure yet) to wire them both up to one power supply with a switch (so both cant be on at once) and then share all the other wires i.e speaker, 12 V memory, illuminator, earth. (not sure if its was a good idea :wacko: )

Anyways i shared all the wires with bridge connectors forgettin to tape some of the ends off :( , i eagerly turn the car on and....

nothing, i dont have any tape, cd, then noticed not wee display or roof light :(

i think i have shorted sommit but not sure.

Does anyone know how i can check what the %$( i have done and how i go about fixin it

cheers for your time guys, i look forward to reading who gives me the right answer first :thumbsup:

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genuis or madness :lol: i bet you anything you have just burned up a fuse, the fuse is under the bonnet, it will be one of the 15A ones. as you said the fuse in question controls the display, interior light and Radio/tape/CD.

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i'm just startin out and usually anything that can go wrong does,

so to make sure i dont kill ma car, where abouts am i lookin under the bonnet and how do i know which one it is without a multimeter (or is it essential),

i guess halfrauds would do the 15A fuse to replace it.

the wires where all over the place in the dash and cause i forgot to tape them all off somit must of been touchin and i think thats what caused the short, DOH!!

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sounds easy enough, lol, (says the guy who broke it)

also what about my set up, is there a problem sharing the wires between the tape and cd? this includes:

12V memory,



4 Speakers,

and sharing the ACC through a manual switch.( so only one is on at a time)

if this is ok, then i will be quite pleased as i am a bit of a novice idiot :rolleyes:

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alright guys, had alook under the bonnet of the yaris and had no luck finding the fuse box,

can anyone point me in the right direction

also under the steering wheel to the right, theres a board that comes out, some wires etc there, whats the board there?

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I've just realised Fazzy has a diesel, so we have two fuse blocks in our cars - one of the left of the engine bay and one on the right - both are just in front of the suspension turrets as well as the inside on below the steering column - may be you should check all 3 locations for the right one...

Good luck!


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