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Hey Guys! Just Wanna Say Hello!

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I´ve just surfed the net and found that page!

First of all: It´s nice here!

I´m 21, living in Austria, working as technical drawer at a facility-building company.

I´m a fan of Toyota since I can remember. It all startet in 1990, when my father bought a Celica T18 Turbo.

When I was 15, I´ve rescued a ´84 Mark II Supra from a scrapyard. It never has seen the Streets since then, because it was in a very poor condition and i had no time to restaure, but in January i´ve sold it and the engine is now going to power the ´72 Celica GT from a friend of mine (will be a nice ride).

The T18 Turbo is still living in my family, next month i wanna ship it to my brother, he lives in Dubai.

My Paseo had been the car of my mum, she bought it in 96 with A/C, TTE-Springs, wood decor and aluminium wheels.

I´ve got it two years ago, now i´ve started working and got some money, so i´ve got something to do :D

Two weeks ago, i´ve got the first thing beeing done, my new exhaust system:

A complete Pipe made of stainless steel, new (bigger) sports kat, nice looking and with a good sound:








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Well I have forgotten:

I know it´s quite thumb to install a new exhaust system before knowing which rear bumper you want to have, but I have needet it for the yearly inspection... (f*** regulations... :D)

My engine broke down a year ago and killed my Kat, and I did not want to buy a new stock one and a few month later the real one. (I think I would have done it if it was not that expensive...)

What I am planning to do next:

Some nice Rims, at least 7,5x17

A full bodykit, like X-racing have (the problem is, that in my country it´s easier to get a self-made bodykit legal than a bodykit from oversea...)

Tein suspension

MTX Audio system

and some self made interior parts

maybe I will swap the rear axle for disc conversation and the 4efte, but there are no Starlet GT´s in our country...

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Thanks mate, yeah its not to bad at the min but the site needs updating as i have a few need pics to add to it!

The 'millenium 2' thats the Kit Oli has modified on his paseo!

The Kit that i have is the gen 2 'xxx' kit it is not on there site but if you contact them they should be able to sort you out with the kit! Dont forget to mention yours is a gen 2 as the gen 1 has different dimensions!!

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