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The Mighty Boosh!


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Right heres the thing, Ive asked almost every friend of mine "have you seen the mighty boosh on bbc three?" and every one of them has said no. Personally i think its comedy genius, its unlike any comedy ive ever seen and its really funny. It stars the two ppl from nathan barley (Yet another piece of comedy brilliance).

Just wondering if anyone on here has seen it?...or even nathan barley (if so what did you think of them?), if not, wot is your favourite comedy of all time?

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i keep seeing it listed, and mean to watch it, but never get round to it. i didn't like nathan barley, which really dissappointed me, because it was written by chris morris - who did the day today and brass eye and they're 2 of my all time favourites!!

thinking on, when does the new series of nighty night start? that's brilliant as well

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Exactly Demonic, id never even heard of it til i got freeview and i watched it when i got home from a party and loved it. Maybe lots of things on BBC Three need a chance.....like little britain, look were that is now....winning awards left right and centre......Its the Boosh's turn next!

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