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J-tuner Jae Feature


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Just got a copy of the new J-Tuner through this morning and quickly flipped to the JAE review...

Well there is a bit about TOC kicking Mistucolts ***** in the tug of war (must have been a sore thing for Matt to type he he). Otherwise there is one pic of the Castrol supra/corolla, and a teeny glimpse mr2s behind and thats it from us lot :crybaby:

Its only a 4page feature which is a shame.... :(

Rest of the mag is dominated by nissans/hondas etc as usual :lol::rolleyes: :!Removed!:

Worth a read though :thumbsup:

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Well the tug of war pic funnily enough only has mistucolt peeps in it.... :huh::huh:

Still think they should have got the F1 in there somewhere, what other club stands had that! :P :lol:

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