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Washed, Waxed And Brake Bells Ready To Go!


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Nice and clean under the hood mate - Id recommend the braided hoses as a simple and cheap mod.

will do when it runs in a bit more and i feel like the original ones have been stretched. then I willf eel the benefit. :)

Thanks all for comments, im not sure how to resize them. I thought about taking the pics in a smaller res though. Also got megan manifold sat in my room, awaiting O2 simulators, then de-cat.

Don't want to slam it more because i hit my chassis on this mega stone bump the other day and i nearly cried. besides when coming out of some multi storeys the front bumper catches and its :crybaby:

Thank god it hasnt done any damage yet.

thanks again peeps! will continue to keep it nice and spangly!!

:group-cuddles: :group-cuddles:

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how loud is the nur spec exhaust? very tidy wee motor

to be honest mate, if ur after bassy dont get it. the nur spec growls only when in high revs. gives a little burble at low revs. !Removed! good on motorways and such as it doesnt drone. It's not gonna get you noticed as much as some but i like it anyway. Maybe it will sound better with de-cat.

im looking to get a hiper muffler anyway soon. something that isn't the blasted JASMA spec as that is the gayest thing!!

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