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Japshow Finale


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I'll be in san Francisco Watching the 49ers get their butts kicked no doubt - and snapping the Cheerleaders................. :drool::thumbsup:

I did want to see this show but alas...........................NO :crybaby:

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Only 6 received to date people so hurry up or you will miss out :yes:

Ken hope mines one of the 6 you have,as it went out ages ago :unsure:

when you posting them out ?

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Hi guys

We will both be ther with all three cars.

have already agreed to go on MKiv supra club stand but please come say hi.

Just look out for the silver Sup followed closely but the electric blue Sup followed closely by the blue and orange skyline with Turbo Fit UK Ltd all over it.

It will be good to meet you.....


Sam and Greg (Turbo Fit UK Ltd) :group-cuddles:

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