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Looking For A Mk1 Celica...


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Hi - new on here and hoping someone out there can help.

I'm looking for a Mk1 / Gen1 Celica, doesn't matter whether coupe or liftback. And yes I've seen that one on eBay for 16k :P and can't quite stretch that far... :crybaby:

Due to having my own business I need it to be a runner. Not asking for much then.

Anyway please post away, or email me direct.

Ta much,


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your best be is toyota enthusiasts club, theirs always a few going. What model are you after, and with which engine. Their are quite a few out their :D

P.M me if you need any info

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Cheers Scot, I've got an address and will give them a try.

I'm not that fussy what version I found - love the Gen1 shape in both liftback and coupe. It will partly depend on condition, price, colour (!) etc and mostly I suspect on what the missus prefers... or I won't be allowed one at all. :(

Oh and of course the more power the better :D so I guess the 2 litre is preferable. But as they're classics I'd TRY not to rag it :somechance:

I've got a few questions I'd like to sound you out on, I'll PM you for those.


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