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9 Lives? I Hope So ><


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Heya all :)

Well I finally got my tubby back after having all the potentially fatal things fixed and have been enjoying the diference ahem between the 2 and the cars i been using in the interim. over the last 4 days I've 'witnessed' some really unusual stuff i've never been lucky enough (LOOOL) to ever experience. maybe its my face, maybe its the car, maybe its the rest of the 'civilised' world. To name a few of the most interesting things I experienced .......

1) my 2 ran fine on few hot days couple of weeks ago then the day it absolutely threw it down the 2 began to overheat and there i was lookin a bit george best on the side of the road with MANY people driving slowly past waving and smiling at me while i frantically filled and bled the car lol :wacko:

2) after getting the 2 sorted I had ppl in like 1 litre micras pulling up and revving their engines ferociously whilst staring me dead in the eyes out of their side windows with what i can only describe as the looks given by my girlfriend when i take shoes and bags out of her hands cos the 2 needs petrol >< (j/k it'd be like taking somebodies crackpipe and weeing in it 5 seconds before they wanna use it) :help:

3) Ive had approx 4 ppl in reasonable nice cars (compared to my previous sheds) swerving into the wrong side of the road when they think ima try an overtake, and the first time WHILST i was actually overtaking forcing me to go serious wrong side of road to prevent any harm to them or me. :ffs:

4) Ive had large groups of teenagers congregating around the back of the car staring at it like its diamond white and accusing me of stealing it lol only to find them jus staring at it still 2 hours later when ive returned (I trust the alarm and imob)(oh the temptation to pebbledash them with the torque and the carpark surface ><) :rolleyes:

5) Ive had an old lady sidle up to me (ummm approx 70+) asking for a lift and she looked like she was feeling horny :eek:

6) I've had a pleasant looking female hitchhiker turn down a lift cos she 'didnt like' the look of the car then watched her climb into a clapped out renault with a seriously leering 40+ year old man wearing a MAC LOL (my intentions were strictly honourable lol honest and i later realised i didnt need an excuse to drive it even if petrol does hit a £1) :yes:

7) I havent been pulled yet despite coppers continually glowering at me :o

8) Finally I been setting off to work 10 minutes later, driving at the same speed i did in my 1400i 16v and getting there 10 minutes sooner as many ppl just pull over even if im not driving up their rear or obviously gaining on them, whereas before theyed jus sit in the lane even if i was obviously gaining, go figure :ph34r:

Is this typical? Am i doing summat wrong? how about you guys? how do you all cope with this kinda tripe if you suffer it ? lol

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sounds like a few fun packed days! :eek:

u sure you didnt slip into an alternate universe where the weirdest things happen - maybe a non tropical version of the LOST island! :D

as long as you're enjoying your car matey - dont complain about the grannies admiring your car - i only get young boys looking at mine - at least your admirers are female! :lol:

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Heya all  :)

7) I havent been pulled yet despite coppers continually glowering at me  :o

Happens all the time to me also, really surprised i havent been pulled, I got my 2 When i was 22, and i look like im 17 now !! :lol:

Got pulled more when i ws 19 in my nova GSI ! :D

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heh worse than lost island ..... im in northwest lol as for young boys i really didnt wanna confess about that :unsure: but yes getting that also rofl

As for my feelings towards the 2 ... LOVING it, even putting extorionately priced quantities of petrol in her regularly is nice lol if my girlfriend issues an ultimatum like its the car or her..... i think shes on a loser ><

Definately a very special model of car, espescially in regards to the handling(dry road) for which im really greatful after todays episode of mad world where somebody decided to drive half onto a roundabout (in a gap they shouldnt have attempted, no really they shouldnt :wacko: ) and just stopped to look bewildered at the car that had priority and took serious boost evasives with what musta been inches to spare from her bumper(my 2) at what turned into omfg jesus thank you my car isnt dead corner speed mode

Now ....if only i can find a priest wholl.... um nm im gonna sound a bit whack :thumbsup:

im finding out what u guys knew, aside from aesthetics, this is most certainly a beautiful model of car :)

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You do get a lot of attention with a car like ours, not always good!

I've also noticed boys of the age between 6-16 staring at the car, shouting "nice car mister" and taking pictures with their camera phones. I also get cheeky **** lifting the car cover up to have a peek when it's parked on my drive. No harm done mind.

You do get the occasional wolf whistle and cries of "hey sexy" from the local chav birds. Just got to take it in ones stride :lol:


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You do get the occasional wolf whistle and cries of "hey sexy" from the local chav birds.  Just got to take it in ones stride  :lol:


thats the whole reason i bought mine :thumbsup:

only thing is i work in a real dodgy area, anyone seen the acid house short movies? well there!!! lol

so im paranoid when im at work, but have had people move over on country roads cos they think i want past even if im happy behind them. canny wait to get back home for a week and pose to all my sisters hot mates! :rolleyes: :D

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You got to love the MR2 :thumbsup: It's hard to believe that it's a car that's well over 10 years old and people still look at it as if it was a new car ;) And commenting on it's looks :thumbsup:


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im feelin u guys :D in a really metaphysical non sexual pervy kinda way :lol: yup 10 year old and i see it an think of liz hurley. girlfriends gone paranoid cos of the attention im getting, the attention im calling the 'good' sort lol

Thought i was gonna get my first polizei ticking off other day.... ummm 'drove' past a rozzer a lil bit too quickly and got followed for a couple of miles... didnt stop me tho :blink: not sure whats up with the police round here at the mom.... maybe they take drug tests and if theyre found to be clean theyre immediately put in rehabilitation and started on a nice gentle course of valiums....?

wonder if theyll pull me after i get my undercar light kit, lightup dustcaps, lightup window washer things, amps and subs on? :rolleyes: lol

hey its better than a bagpuss airfreshner :yes: (dont ask) lol

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