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Induction Kit


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Hi Guys,

Would love to know your opinions on the link below, cheap but good?? The guy seems to have a good feedback record and customers seem happy. Shall i go for one of these or fork out around £75 for alternatives?

Also what does he mean by the SW20? I have an M reg NA 2.0l 16v GTi, would it work on mine?



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can't really tell on the filter properties but... the material looks enough like the K&N's etc so should be ok. For the price you're not really missing out on much. For example with the K&N you get a rubber hose to connect the filter to the throttle housing, and another flexi cold air hose. Both of which you could probs get cheaper yourself!

By the design of that though i don't think you need an intake hose...


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Ive just put a pipercross filter on my N/A.

Make sure that u check your engine type,

This is the 2.0 16v Denzo (3SFGE engine code)


This is the 2.0 GLI Bosch (3SFE engine code)


images from pipercross

the denzo filter bolts on, and the Bosch fitts into the hose and bolts to the resonator and chassis, the Bosch filter has a hole for the sensor the denzo does not.

U will also need a hose to connect to the cold air intake as this is dissconected when removing the stock filter


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Is there much difference in price?  Know any good sites for cheaper prices??

I'm not a tight fisted ******, just a student!  ;-)

Have a look here buddy :thumbsup:



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