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Latest Pics Of My Yaris (youki)

Al J

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Just a few pics of my Yaris, youki, whilst I was on holiday this summer. They were taken at the same locations as the pics of my last car. A quiet little car park in Harlech and Ynys, opposite Portmeirion, North Wales.







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al....... please put back in here what you wrote, cause im a fool and pressed the wrong button, so instead of quoting your text i accidently deleted it :( sorry :(

Was that you, earpl? You twonk! Nah, we're cool, mate. :thumbsup:

I just copied the text back from its duplicate post I'd put up on Echofans. I'm moderator of the Europe section there and always think, one day I'll delete something by mistake! Very quiet there btw. Come on over and liven it up! Give me summat to moderate! :cacker: :lol:

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Nice and shiney.......Nice backdrop to  :thumbsup: !

Just been jet washed at Bala, about 30 miles away from where pics were taken. I was on a mission! I got some funny looks in a car park a few miles away though, when I could be seen spraying Supagard tyre shine on the tyres! :P
really arty farty al!

If only it was 3dr :P

Im actually quite liking that spoiler :ph34r:

More than one mate in a three door and you're looking at chipped paint on the door edges! These doors are smaller and I can pack for my many hols quicker! :thumbsup:
Nice looking car you have mate  :thumbsup: Very clean as well  ;)


Cheers, mate. You should've seen the bonnet close up. Every insect in Wales flattened themselves on it!
Lovely pics Al..... perhaps you should consider a career in arty-farty photography?  :lol:

Love the scenery too!

Come and take some photos of Kaori for me?  :thumbsup:

I'd be delighted to. :yes:
That is some stunning scenery you've got there, I wish I had got a Thunder Grey Colour Collection now :P

Wish we had scenery like that around here!

It's only a couple of hours from home for me or 45mins from my caravan.
Some nice pics in there Al and Matt's right, that is one sweet spoiler! :yes:

Yeah, I love the spoiler (and the air con that came with it for £500) :thumbsup:
nice pics!

car looks good too

Thanks mate.
Marvellous  :drool:

Where did you take the pics?

It's on the other side of the estuary to the Italianate village of Portmeirion, North Wales, not far from Porthmadog.
S'okay... :P

Could you come and clean mine for me?



No. :lol:
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i think im already on there? i'll pop on tomorrow

Cool. look forward to seeing you there. :thumbsup:

Hired!  :thumbsup: Or at least next time take me on holiday with you.....  :thumbsup:

Going back there end of October, Em. ;)

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