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I've Had Enough....

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Finally got the nose on, went to change the rear pads and now have a siezed calliper....

All the small fixes which I go to do with this car turn into catastrophes, also broke the calliper screw so havent got one of those at the min....

Time to throw in the bag, sell the !Removed! car and move to something more sensible, maybe an old Golf GTi, or escort, something I can play with and is solid as a rock !!!

I've had enough of the !Removed! thing....

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I should also say, anyone want to buy an MR2 as follows:

'91 SW20 Rev1 Mk2 MR2 G-Limited T-Bar

Rev2 Brake upgrade (rear drivers calliper needs replacing)

HKS Induction

Uprated Suspension (don't know which)

Apexi De-cat

Mongoose Back-box

Bomex Nose

Autopista Skirts

Autopista Rear Spoiler

Revision 6 rear light conversion

Racing Sparco Crimsonetta 16"Aklloys (P6000's rear, Goodyear NCT5's front)

Apart from Calliper superbv condition, quick and grwat fun, oil changes every 3k since owning the car and sounds superb.

Only offer realistic prices and no time wasters please....

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I just got a email from my mate that owns the red mastro... he said that now his car has been 'featured' its got to be sold so he can work on his allegro... shall i offer him a straight swap?


I'll be looking for something slightly less laughable than the maestro and a lot less laughable, but thanks for the thought....

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although this is tempting....

1997 R Reg Ford Escort 1.8 Ghia X

Metallic Black, 49,000 miles , 5 Doors. Air-Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Driver Air Bag, Electric Adjustable Mirror, Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights, Full Service History, Immobilizer, Power-Assisted Steering, Remote Central Locking, Stereo Cassette, Sunroof. £2,995

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Ryan - You know you love it................. Now go outside and apologise to ya baby for getting the tiniest bit upset. Shame on you for even joking about selling your right arm, sorry MR2.

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you think you got problems..............have a look at the celica supra technical question thread and then tell me that a lost calliper screw is a major problem..........go and appologies to mr2 and give her a gentle rub down with some mr gleam and all will be ok in the morning (never go to bed on an arguement) :group-cuddles: group cuddles me thinks are needed here

all together people :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: :group-cuddles: now then isnt that better :thumbsup:

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And how can you turn your back on all the good times you've spent together doing laps around the Combe - just think how much pleasure she's given you and what do you do in return - the slightest little problem and you're just turning your back. All relationships need to be worked at - not taken for granted - do that and the end is truely nigh - she'll just go off and leave you mate - then how will you feel?

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I posted it as a wind up (and after getting :censor: 'ed off witht he car) but being as transparent as I am nobody believed me in the slightest.

She may be off the road for a while soon as I haven't got the funds fopr the replacement calliper that's desperatly needed but we'll see how she goes. If it doesn't get fixed soon can see myself needing new discs as well which is concerning me more atm...

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Ryan, Apparently MrT can supply caliper repair kits. If they don't (wont) then they may be able to repair it for you at a small charge (they did one of my rears the other week). Another alternative is contact Fensport for a recon. Or do like I did (with a binding front) and ignor everyones advice and go to Mr Clutch for a recon. They did a decent job for less than £90 and it still works!!!

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