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Fuel Leak


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We've been getting a smell of petrol in our RAV for a couple of weeks now (it's only once you've been driving for a while).

I took the car into our Toyota dealers (Johnsons Toyota Liverpool) this morning and they've just told me it's a small fuel leak and advised us not to take the car until it's located & fixed... :crybaby:

We've left it with them but I was wondering....

Has anyone had a fuel leak in a RAV before? (it's a 2001 5 door petrol) is it likely to take a while to order parts & fix or could it be straightforward???

I know this is very vague and no-one can give me a definitive answer but I was just wondering :huh:

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I may have been an idea, to have the Rav inspected by the RAC /AA, just so you new what the problem was, because at the moment its a bit of a blank cheque job :( , although i hope that any Toyota main dealer would be honest with you :) .

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