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New Around Here :)


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I picked up my GT-Four last night so far so good :)

THe paintwork needs some attention which should be sorted next week but other than that the car seems fine!

I was once the owner of a starlet GT sold that and bought a highly modified 206 then decided i didn't like that so sold it and subsequently (spelling) lost 1.5k :( in a couple of months!

But i've come back to the Jap side and plan to stay here for forseable (spelling, again) future :)

Below are some photos..




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Ok i have a problem, the check engine light seems to have dissapeared :(

As in gone missing or not illuminating??? I suspect the last. :D If it`s not illuminating when you switch the ignition on then i would suspect the bulb has blown. :yes::thumbsup:

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Looking between the two of those why do I think the one on the right looks better?? Is it just the camera angle?? I realise the one on the left *should* look better but something draws my eye to the right hand one

Nice weather too :D

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the one on the left is a wide body so does look differant, mostly because of the way the light will catch the sides. good pic to show the differance tho :)

Tim, nice choice of car mate, looks totally standard as well which is a bonus as engine wear should be minimal.

if the engine lights a bit speratic and comes on then goes out check what code the ECU is thowing up http://www.st205.net/techinfo/errorcodes.htm this page ought to help you out.

any problems feel free to ask, there should be enough brains between us lot to find an answer :lol

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Error 54, haha!

Someone had taken the bulb out, what a moron! I swapped it for the "Your Door Is Open" light for now..

Thanks for the kind words guys, it needs a bit of work but after a couple of years it should be mint :)

The other garages is my neighroughs i can ask him if it is free, hehe!

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I'll be a happy bunny once all the paintwork is sorted out..

Kinda puts me off polishing it because it just highlights the poor parts of the bodywork :\

The front bumper needs spraying as the paint seems to have cracked, i guess it has been left in the sun for a long time...

But i'm hoping to get hold of a TRD Skirt kit and have it done at the same time as that :)

I plan to keep the car for a few years, i'll be minting the paintwork and interior up and hopefully get as much if not more upon time to sell..

Leather recaro interior, alloys, konis are amongst the upgrades planned.

The thermostat needs replacing now, i'll go and order one from toyota tomorrow i think that can be done as part of the much needed service, car seems to be running cold unless it's stood still :\

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