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Tte Turbo Kit For New Model Mr2


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My friends at TTE in Germany are launching a turbo kit for the new model MR2 at the Essen motor show.

They are offering a great deal on the kit which is a price of 5500 (euros) for it to be fully installed at TTE in Cologne Germany.

please email me at prolexuk AT gmail DOT com for the pdf file with full details of the bhp increase etc.

the kit is TUV approved.

BTW i'm JUST facilitating this offer Prolex-UK are not making any money from this.

Over to you............100 kits being sent to Japan for a special MR2 model...you could be the first !

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Update Friedel from TTE has said the show offer will apply if I take your order form with me to Essen. (no need to attend in person !)

He also confirmed that the install will take no more than a day.

There is a good hotel 10 minutes walk from TTE and its close to a train into the centre.........wicked night out.

interested ?

email me at Prolex-uk AT gmail DOT com


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