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Please God Nooooooooo!


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Reminds me of that Jade Goodie chick.

I didn't do that for me. Though you have now. Thanks for that Mark. <_<

Saw it on another site that I know you're a member of Leeky. Most people didn't know what it was. I think it's even more upsetting once you know that was once such a beautiful car.

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gotta say dont like the end product but admire the work that went into it. horses for courses and all that.........still think it looks rank though

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Only in America. And a supermarket car park.

I have always though that people who dress their motors up to look flash and fast are doing it the wrong way round.

Some geezer in this months Practical Classics put a 5.7 litre V8 in an old mkV ford cortina which looks standard but cracks the quater in 13 seconds!


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