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Racing Escort Si

matt Tspt

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Hi people, just got back from racing my mate in his escort si (1.8 16v 115bhp) and am pleased to say that i pretty much left him.

We raced up a new bypass road thats about 1.5 miles long and we started at about 40mph so i thought that he would proberly beat me cause cars with more weight but higher power usually pull quicker at high speeds than light ones with less power,but he didnt as i started about 30 metres behind him and finished about 20 metres ahead of him.

Also if anyone else has similar stories feel free to share them with me as.

Power to the T sport.

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I raced a Fiat Stilo Abarth about a month ago.

It was actually evenly matched. He got away a split second before me at the lights and I kept beside him all the way. He did start to pull ahead at about 80-90mph before we slowed down for traffic ahead.

I don't think it was modded (apart from the 17" or 18" alloys) - neither is my YTS.

Before we get into the whole street race discussion - this was before my 3 points/ £60 fixed penalty for racing the Old Bill.

I don't do it anymore...... ;) he he he

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Jerry, can I ask if you bought your TS's from Camden in Dunstable?

If so, was the car you test drove a Chilli Red Y reg?

I remember reading of a couple who each bought a Yaris TS in the newsletter. This was a month after Camden asked to borrow my Chilli Red YTS to use as a demonstrator for a day.

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I raced a Honda Prelude in my Yaris Ts and I have to say the yaris was quicker...., dont know if the Prelude was a 2.0 or 2.2..... as it had all the badges taken off......the guy in the prelude must have been gutted!!!

He started it though by thinking he was clever overtaking me on a single way road!! The difference between cars was not massive but still noticeable..

Power to the TS

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Hi mevi

The yaris T Sport that we test drove in dunstable camden was a thunder grey model. Which was really nice. After a while my wife brought there demo model from the sales rep. So i was quite lucky there mevi as i had my wifes motor to test drive all the while mate :thumbsup:

That finally made up my mind to trade in my almera and get a yaris T Sport.

Power to the T Sport :group-cuddles:


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Did your wife buy that in July 01-ish. I asked about buying the demonstrator but they wanted full price (window tints chucked in free). I ordered a nice fresh Jap built which arrived in about 6-8 weeks. When I picked it up, I heard that someone had bought the demonstrator....

Hmm. I wonder who test drove my car then...wonder if they bought one for themselves! It was about a year old then so it was nicely loosened up and running well.

Anyone out there test drive a Chilli Red YTS at Camden Toyota in Dunstable about a year ago?


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Coming back to that racing incident against that escort, i too had a race with a 1.6l escort 2 days a go and the escort driver was my mate chris, i managed to beat him by about 2 secs, as we had a timed race, due to lack of dual carrige ways and coppers. However, we had a little race on the way home and he managed to crash when trying to overtake me :crybaby: , wrote off his car and broke some guys nose :o who was in the back seat. so now i desided not to race my mates after that. :(

T-Sport rule :thumbsup: , but not when you race your mates and they crash.

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