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Quick 'what Car' Question


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Just running through an idea - and need a little help...

Basically, need a 'not too old' (say less than 10 years), must be reliable, cheap to insure/run car for sub £3k...

No smaller than a corrola/focus type size, no sports (or base) models..

diesel would be good - something that if it did go wrong, would cost a fortune to put right...

anyone got any ideas of any cars that fit this description well?

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well - i've been saying for the last week if you ever wanted to buy A V8 gas guzzler now would be the best time as they would be feeling the prices worse than most....

I was very tempted to put that into practice with the above which was looking like a bit of a bargin ;)

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I had the Ibeza in mind too -- cheaper and more of it than its clone parent.

Mondeo comment: stats are released over here for every car in terms of which models have what percentage of faults at a given age. By the time they reach five years of age, how many Modeos have rust on their wheel arches? 100%. Amazing! That's enough to put me off. Admittedly, I haven't been a Ford fan since I rolled my Mk III Escort a week after passing my test. Still embarrassed to admit it today, but I guess you don't know where I live... :unsure:

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