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Why I Have Decided To Call My Supra Arthur

Karma Supra

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I have always been fascinated with the name "Goonhilly"... it’s probably one of my favourite words (although Flange, gusset and Goobinaculum come close)

A week ago I was down at Newquay, making the best of the sun, pretending I can surf, and eyeing up all the scantily clad surfer babes (Much to the other half’s disapproval). While I was down there I thought it was about time I went to see Goonhilly, and since then I have decide to call my Supra Arthur :D

Arthur was the first antenna to be constructed at Goonhilly in 1962. Despite being old and easily replicable with other, more modern, more efficient and more compact antennas (A lot like my supra -the equivalent antenna today would be a mere 5 metres across) and despite the fact that maintenance is a lot more costly, they still choose to use Arthur. Why? Who knows? It makes no sense to, but for some reason it’s a bit of the past, it has more character...it still works well, its there, so why not use it? Every day???

Arthur weights 1100 tons, due to the fact that the dish is built out of cast concrete and steal, yet is still as nimble as modern antennas, being able to move 360 degrees around, and change its elevation by 180 degrees, all in under 3 minutes flat. My Supra despite being thirteen years old, and weighing in excess of 1500kg as well as being longer and wider then a lot of cars on the road, can still out perform most new cars (on the way home *private roads of course* she was still pulling well at an indicated 160, despite the two of us, and a weeks worth of camping gear in the boot and all over the back seats)…

So it’s old, over engineered, excessively heavy, huge, grey, expensive to run... and makes no sense at all to run, but somehow, its all worth it...... See my point???? :D


My Supra, and Arthur, on Monday

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