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Gone Nuts....


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Just thought I'd let all you Corolla Gti owners past and present that I've finally decided to see how my baby handles power. After research, a friend found a fella who is running a turbo about the size of a ct20 (MR2 turbo size?!?) at 10psi on completely standard internals. Its now been runing for two years with no problems. My wonderful 'Rolla only cost me £300 (118k on the clock but absolutely mint interior) which is ALOT of car for the money, so if it goes bang I'll of course shed a tear, but won't be heavily out of pocket, I just take off my exhaust, wheels, induction kit and get another one! On closer inspection I discovered that it has only had two owners, the first to drive to work and back, and the second the bloke I bought it of so a full service history was provided. So here's the plan. T2, CT9 or something of similar size. Get a manifold fabricated and bolt it all together. Find a front mounted intercooler, 4x4 cossie most probably, get a chip to run the ecu more aggresively, run 6/7psi and hope for the best! If nothing blows up and no detonation happens then I should be good for an extra 25 or so horses.

Well there it is, I'll let you know how it goes, unless I end up in A&E!

Take care,


p.s. anyone know the compression ratios for the 4a-ge and 4a-gze engines?

p.p.s. anyone selling a small turbocharger?

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Thanks for the ratios.

I think I will fit a larger metal head gasket, but if I lower the compression when I run off boost it'll be mightly slow. If I gamble with standard gasket, I can use a two stage boost controller and flip between no boost at all and 6/7psi. I have also been told not to turbo random engines without uprated head gasket, pistons etc, but running such a small amount of boost (resting on a decent compression test result) and running it as rarely as I can (i.e. resisting temptation) then I think it might be ok for at least a year.....

I'll do a little more research before I take the plunge, but I think its worth the risk!

Getting a little worried,


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ha ha ha haaaaa i was really excited about all this until i read this.... "and running it as rarely as I can (i.e. resisting temptation) "

Alright mate....as if. :lol::lol::lol:

i'll stick to the ceramic long stroke GZE for my turbo coinversion, thanks.

Yiou can buy a GZE front cut in Aus for $650 (about £250) but you dont get the luxury of seeing it/inspecting it first unless you know someone over there.

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