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Toyota Stereo


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When i bought my MR2, i could'nt find anywhere the security code for the factory stereo. I have decided to try and investigate this incase i need to disconnect the Battery for some reason in the future. I dont want to start guessing the code as this may lead to a permanant lock.

After coming back from the Toyota garage with nothing more than a service number for a mobile code breaker from the Toyota company (who may clearly be very expensive) and being told all the mechanics were not available as they have been sent home at 13:00 on a Saturday afternoon (hmmm), i am none the wiser.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I dont want to change the stereo as i am perfectly happy with the setup in the car, but i can't live in the land of no music should the power fail or the code is wrong!

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Mine was locked out when I bought the car, but my excellent local Toyota garage fixed it for me FOC in about 5 minutes. They wouldn't tell me how to do it though. :D

The other Mr T dealer near us, where previous owner had had the car serviced, didn't have a clue.

There is also a thread on how to reset the system here.

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