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Cynos/paseo Exhaust


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Was just wondering if any Irish lads had replaced back box/exhaust on their Cynos (paseo)?

Mines still looks original- the rear box bracket/fitting looks like you'd need Dr. Evil's LAAAZZOR to get it off... :D

What fits--rear axle kinda in the way for just a universal jobbie-- Don't really want to go down the whole custom route as I don't know of anyone who has had it done/costs etc. And I don't want a mad 5" bazooka jap style can- too many civics down my way in that -'loud means fast' brigade....

C_B :thumbsup:

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haha, again, i like your thinking. there is one muffler that fits straight on (remus) but its quite expensive and quite hard to bring in...but on that note, remus are a well reknowned company, and their mufflers are subtle both in sound and look...

otherwise, i think bosal does an oem replacement muffler..

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I´ve put that one on my Paseo:

It´s stainless steel, made from a small company just a few kilometers away from Remus and Sebring (both are one company).

I´ve got the complete system for 1000€, i can ask how the backbox is alone...


That would be helpful.



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