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My Corolla E11 G6 Project


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Hi all this is my second g6, last 1 was black last year but was written off by another driver.

I now have this blue g6 1.3 and i love it. have done a few mods but i am now back at university so the projects on hold untill i get some money. here is my rolla so far. hope you enjoy.

p.s. all work i have done my self. :)

i changed the standard g6 grill and re meshed it and put on a trd Badge, luks good.








i havnt put on these rims as of yet, but here they are



also had a fibre glass install built, but i havnt finished my boot yet, colour coded to the car



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I've seen you in your black one ages ago, I think it was on Coventry road, by the Bill & Bull pub

I'll have to pick your brains about the wiring up of the interior lighting.

you might wanna blank your reg plate out though

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sorry i took so long to reply im bak at uni now ;-( and away from birmingham, im in buckinghamshire. but yea richard k i remember you down cov road!!! dwn to the main maccys roundabout. And the wireing is so easy il show ya no probs..

also the rims are made by a company called inovite, they are very rare and dnt think they are released as such, but i they are so nice. just gota save some money and get them on early next year, cuz i didnt see the point of putting rims on in the winter.

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hey lads

just wondering can any of ye help a damzel in distress im in love with g6s and i want 1 i dont mind if it has nothing done to it i can sort that myself but if it has nice one!! anyway thing is im in ireland but going over is no prob and i have some mates over there aswell who are more then happy to go collect of see something for me.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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