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Whos Got A De Cat, Manifold And Air Filter


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Just wondering how many of you guys have the combiantion of a de cat, manfiold and relaocetd air filter with standard t sport exhasut, looking at figures could theoretcially get the 1/4 mile time down from standard 17.5 to 16.5.

has anyone got a full stainless steel sytem as well as de cat?

was thinking a perrin crank pulley - how much are these?

will de cat, manifold, cost in region of £350

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sunroof and all related cack can be around 10-15 kilos! :o

a sheet of tin around 3 grammes! and sod of the aircon pump and related pants aswell

carbon bonnet

perspex window

light as a feather!

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Im a consultant and use the car to go to client sites quite a lot so the miles clock up.

Thats a good question - I had almost convinced myself to change it about the 80 mark, but like the car too much. It should be good for a while yet - although I suspect that Ill be using it more for weekends soon.

We'll see

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