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New Corolla T2 Inner Wheel Arch Problem

bond 007

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:angry: Help!! we bought a second hand 2002 (52) corolla and after a repair at the garage ( due to some blind moo ) we were travelling down a motorway doing about 75-80 steady when the inner we heard a on and off rubbing noise from the front right. a few minutes later the car slightly jolted and a big piece of plastic flew up behind the car luckily landing in the central area of the motorway, this turned out to be the inner wheel arch cover. after a few hundred words with the garage and the car being back a few times they sort of admitted it was fitted incorrectly. due to other problems with personnel and being totally peed off we ended up with a brand new corolla 2003 (03) t2. hooray problem solved you might think!! in the new car which had done 126 miles it went on the motorway for the first time and guess what happened!!! the rubbing noise appeared after 2 minutes, we pulled over onto the hard shoulder and guess what was loose and had been rubbing on the wheel - you guessed it the inner wheel arch cover....................... after ripping this off the car we proceeded on our merry way and when we returned we dropped the car back of at the dealership where we have left the car which we never want to see again.. the story will continue. sorry for the long post but i need help. is this a fault with the car?????

many thanks - an unhappy soon to be ex toyota owner

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