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Should I Mod The Exterior?


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Hello all, i need some help. Should i mod the body on my MR2 OR just get a full respray, Rev 3 rear lights + center panel and keep it in mint condition!!!!

The kit i want is a full Bomex BUT ive just been out in my tubbie (1st time in 2 months!) and really liked the way it looks but in a few days ill be looking at it and thinking "It looks good but its just missing something!!!!

HELP!! :wacko:

What should i do folks?? im leaving this up to you lot as im now sick of debating over it.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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i believe the car does need exterior work to get it 'finished' the fact that it never came standard with side skirts (for a sporty car...) is quite a let down

simple bits can sort the mr2 wonders though :)

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It's each to there own mate. Some people hate MR"'s with body kits on, personally I love em. What does the kit you're looking at getting look like? Any pics??

I was thinking of getting a Bomex front splitter, and a set of Veilside skirts. About £350 for them plus paint and labour, it all adds up. So I might just get a nice set of Lenso RS5 alloys instead.

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Cheers for all the feedback boys.

Here's what ive decided to do and im defo going to go with it.

Change the spoiler, rear lights + center panel to Rev 3.

Full respray in white.

Uprgraded suspension - coilovers, so i can go low.

And these rims in 17's http://www.vividracing.com/catalog/product...oducts_id/10428

No body kit, im keeping it stock but Rev 3 not Rev 2.

What do you all think??

Cheers :thumbsup:

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