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Yesterday I noticed that the TRC, VSC and ABS lights were on while driving. I remember other members having a similar thing happen and by switching off the engine and switching back on puts them out. I did this and indeed they went out and today all fine. Does anyone know why this happens and anyone thats had this happen, has it happened again. Its a fault or just aglitch.


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Mine was that the VSC was calibrated when the wheels weren't perfectly straight. Can be solved by ensuring the wheels are straight, unplug the Battery, wait 30 minutes or so, then replug the Battery. You will lose all the Radio presets etc... Don't know if a fuse could be pulled instead, but I expect it could be.

This was only happening when driving in a straight line, mostly on the motorway. Can't really say if yours is the same thing, but it worked for me.

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I didn't have the ABS light, but others have...



Read the post by yokel.

The VSC is calibrated when the Battery is plugged in, if the wheels aren't straight, the VSC stores the turned wheels as being straight, then thinks the wheels are turned when if fact you are driving straight.

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