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I Got One!


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Well, I've finally bought a tubby!!

J-Reg Rev2 with 87000km on the clock in Crimson Red. (I'll post a couple of pics this evening)

She goes well too.

I've got one question. How easy are they to self service? What needs to be done?? I know there's the engine Oil and air filter, but are there any other fluids I should check and attend to (Turbo/Intercooler,etc)??

Cheers!! :thumbsup:

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Congrats on the getting a new motor, get some pics up when u can !!

Are you gonna service ya self ?

Good plan (for tubbys)

Oil (5w40 if you can afford it !)

Oil filter

air filter (if not uprated)

Plugs (get cooler grade ones if you are gonna mod her, like more boost !!)


Dizzy (if unsure when done)

rotor arm (if unsure when last done)

Rotor and dizzy are common faults on tubbys for lose of power, and breakdown !

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Good one mate great to see another tubby owner. Dont you just love to hear the turbo spool up  :drool: Get those pictures up so we can all have a look  ;)


They'll be up tonight mate. Ran out of daylight last night cos the car overheated just before I got home, so had to sort that out.

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Looks sweet, Mint aswell, get a filter on, if you love the turbo sound now, just you wait,!!

If you up the boost to 1.0 bar...wow, you'll think your gonna take off, and the sound will be awsome !!



Can't wait, but gunna wait until I know where I stand with the cooling system before ploughing money into mods. It's 100% standard at the moment.

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Looks nice but one thing, if its a rev2, why has it got rev 1 wheels?

And as far as i remember, rev2's have larger brakes so those wheels wouldn't fit on it if it was a rev2

What year is on the reg doc?

That's what I couldn't work out with it being on 14's (I'll check the disc diameter V soon). The vin plate says its car number 69000 odd, so it should be a rev 2. 1992 on the reg doc.

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