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Celica St Acceleration Problem


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Hi everyone, first post here, hoping some of you knowledgable folks can offer some advice...

In the last week or so, the acceleration on my 96 Celica ST has gone really nasty. The revs are going up to 6000+ in some gears before it even starts to really move. It's gradually getting worse, and I'm starting to fear hills now because I have to stick my foot down regardless of what gear I'm in to get up them!

I had it serviced the other day and alerted the garage to the problem, but they failed to do anything about it. At first I thought it might have been a dodgy spark plug, but they replaced them all and the problem remains.

So... anyone got any thoughts? Advice will be very, VERY gratefully accepted...

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sounds like your clutch has gone

Thanks sotal, that's what I'd feared and after a bit more browsing these forums, I've hit the panic button.

Taking it down to the local Toyota garage this lunchtime to see what they say, but if they think I'm paying £1000+ to get it replaced, they can think again...

Thanks again.

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I'm sure alot of people have said they have used a place called "Mr Clutch" which has branches all over the UK and generally do them cheaper. Personally I wouldn't take it to Toyota, a small local garage with a good rep will do a better job for less money.

Let me know how much it does cost you though as I'm sure mine will be on it's way soon and I need to budget!!!

You don't hear of many of the 1.8's having a new clutch - I guess it's cause it hasn't got as much power going through as it's bigger brothers!

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