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Drum Brakes

Richard K

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Hi all,

I'm clueless when it comes to the drum brakes on the back. Front pads easy peasy, :rolleyes: now

I tried to remove the cover.

removed two screws at top between suspension and back of drum.

there were two caps/plugs at the bottom aswell, they seemed more fragile (plastic instead of rubber) so left them alone, and put it all back together. I'm sure they are the key to getting the *cough* thing off.

Once you've stopped laughing, can give any indication of what I missed.



Rich K

P.S. to Dawesy, Rear disc conversion is not gonna happen.

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First things first, take off the handbrake!  ;)  :lol:

Remove the drum face (may take some tugging), you'll see the shoes underneath  :thumbsup:

Choc (not sweets) under other wheels (toyota one + brick) and put in gear then Handbrake off, yep did that eventually :rolleyes: :P

Is there nothing else holding the drum face on?

I guess I'll try more force tonight.

I'll have to put up with another night of parking car with the screeching of metal on metal.

Thanks Leeky

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