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Bonsai Cars (importers)


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my uncle recommends them :yes: hes bought no end of cars off them and since the first one he reckons hell never buy a UK spec again! top man

thing is they are mainly sellers to end users, like a normal dealer, not the best if your looking at making a few bob yourself. although me uncle did make a few quid on some MX5s (Eunos) over the summer.... but then thats a good time to sell them for extortional rates!

supposed to be very good for a first timer, ie do all the tricky bits like VAT, SVA etc etc... and deliver it to your house

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Well, i'm not looking to make money really just looking for a deal...

Want a MKiV Soop, ideally i'd get a UK TT but my moneys don't really stretch that far and they're soo rare!

Import wise, an aerotop would be nice but not sure I wanna go automatic?!! Just starting the thinking process really, never had any dealings with imports at all and this company keeps cropping up on searches...

A certain white na turned up the other day too!!!

Cheers for replys guys and gals :thumbsup:

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