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Jr Induction Kit

King Rocco

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Hi everyone this is my first post, got my gti last week and love it!

A quick question (which has no doubt been asked before-apologies)... is the JR Induction Kit from fensport any good? It seems like a good buy at £40 and wondered if any of you have one or could tell me if its worth getting?

Any help appreciated, cheers :thumbsup:

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Welcome to TOC. I've not used the JR but I have used the Ramair and that was good - though you have to be careful not to used an oiled filter (Ramair) with an engine with air flow meter (AFM) (Not sure if the ae92 has AFM or MAP sensor) I've now moved on to Apexi filtration.

Someone else with an ae92 will be along in a while to give you a more definite answer.

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